Age UK East London
(Hackney) computer centre

52 The Lawns, Matthias Road, London N16 8QD  /  020 7254 2183

Free computer training and free Internet access for everybody over 50 in Hackney.

Our computer centre is the home of Hackney Silver Surfers and Agewell Social Network. Sometimes we are known just as ‘The Lawns’, because that is where we are.

We have been here since 2003 – aiming to be a centre of expertise in understanding the impact on older people of rapidly developing new technology, and how older people can learn to use it to their advantage.

Our silver surfer program

Currently we offer these main activities …

1. Agewell Social Network

This is a service for Hackney ‘midlifers’ – people in the pre-retirement age range 50 to 64. Agewell Social Network provides free training and access to the online world, and almost anything else that has ‘digital’ in its name – including mobile phones, digital cameras, digital radio, digital TV, digital video, the World Wide Web, email, Skype and much more.

Our approach is to present Internet use as a participatory social activity, and emphasise that its primary role is contact and communication.

At the moment, we devote one session each week to help and support for people aged 50 to 64 who are still in the job market, and one sesssion to special workshops and social activities.

There is a lot more information on the Agewell Social Network website:

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2. ICT courses funded by the Hackney Learning Trust

These unaccredited courses are perfect for people who prefer a structured approach to learning, spread out over several weeks of regular attendance. Recently, the Hackney Learning Trust has supported several extended courses for beginners, and shorter, more advanced courses on popular topics such as ‘Internet safety’ and ‘Using digital pictures’.

These courses are always announced on the Hackney Silver Surfers website:

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Where we are and how to contact us

Our computer centre is near Newington Green, on the 236 bus route.

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